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Job Alert! Vacancy at FireSwitch Tech Ibadan, Nigeria

Join Fireswitch Tech As A Web Developer, Graphics Designer or Office Assistant

This is a unique opportunity for Web Developers and Graphics designers located in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria to work and learn at the same time.

Do you love the challenge of working with a startup company and growing with them? Then Fireswitch Tech is a great fit for you. They are a newly incorporated technology company situated in Bodija, Ibadan.

They are currently seeking a front-end web developer, a back-end web developer, a graphics artist, and an office assistant. …read more

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To be unemployed means to be jobless, to not be in a paid employment, to not be in use.

So, are you unemployed?

The fact that you are not officially on the list of employees in a firm or organization does not make you unemployed. Even if you are not an entrepreneur in any form, you are still not unemployed.

Yes, the fact that you have something to do (you are not jobless) you are of value (in use) and can get a form of remuneration (be paid for what you do) means you are not unemployed.

You are unemployed and in fact unemployable if you are totally jobless, have no value that makes you useful and cannot be paid in return for certain products, services or value added.

So, are you unemployed?

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